Michelle Sanver on the Internet

I'm a president of PHPWomen, an inclusive & global network providing support within the PHP community and I work as a software developer at this awesome company called Liip, based in Zürich, Switzerland.

I love *anything* community related and I'm a big advocate of Open Source. I'm a code-passionate colourful geek with more than 10 years of PHP and web experience. I am eager to share my extensive knowledge, and I do this all over the Internet! This is therefore a site where I collect resources of... me.

Me, in different forms

To be announced! Me in different forms, places where I am on the Internet, looking forward to it? Good! I won’t be blogging here anymore, so if you’re looking for that… Sorry, but I will soon be spreading a list of links where I do blog and speak, don’t fret, I’m all over the internet, just google my name and you’ll see…